GHL continuously strives for the highest standards of corporate governance in cultivating a responsible organisation that adopts practices in accordance to the Principles and Recommendations of the Malaysian Code on Corporate Governance 2012 (“MCCG”) and the relevant provisions in the Bursa Malaysia Securities Berhad (“Bursa”) Main Market Listing Requirements (“MMLR”).

The statements and reports below provides more details on how GHL has applied the Principles and Recommendations of MCCG and Bursa’s MMLR:

Corporate Governance Statement
Statement of Risk Management and Internal Control 2012
Audit & Risk Committee Report 2012
Board Charter
Terms of Reference - Audit & Risk Committee
Terms of Reference – Nomination & Remuneration Committee
Terms of Reference – Risk Management Committee

In additional of above, the Board has approved the establishment of a Whistle-blowing Mechanism within GHL Group. It is an independent and unbiased mechanism for any director, management and employee to bring to the attention of the Board any concerns of integrity and misconduct as well as to enable the Board to be informed at an early stage of any misconduct or impropriators improprieties. All reports will be received and reviewed jointly and promptly by two ombudsmen i.e. the Chairman of the Board and the Chairman of Audit & Risk Committee.